It is to employ staff specialized in their fields through innovative, radical methods within dynamic thinking, to provide the best service within the legal framework and to protect and watch at the maximum level. It is to offer services which are respectful for human rights, have high-quality responsibility and are confident.

    Ever since its foundation, MAGUS Özel Güvenlik Hizmetleri A.Ş has been successfully maintaining its works for the protection of the properties and private information of its customers.


    The raise of the living standards of human beings in our changing and improving world has been created by the increase of technological arguments that they use. However, this development has also had parallels with the formation of crime factors and caused a change in criminal structure.

    Therefore perception of security and risk has been involved in the process of change. With the help of the professionals who study this process very well, we would like to serve you.

    In this changing and developing structure, it is imaginary for an individual or an enterprise that cannot be adapted into the change and fail in performing the intended revision to succeed. In order to ensure the safety of life and property of you and your beloved ones, we rigorously consider all the possibilities and find a solution with you, our estimable executives, for necessary risk analyses and precautions and the complications likely to emerge.

    In this context,
    In addition to offering analytical and high-quality services for you, we determine the wage policies together with you, and are looking forward to standing by you without compromising on the laws and regulations in effect and rendering service for you gladly and with a sense of duty.
    • Quality
    • Professionalism
    • Conformity
    • Effectiveness
    • Permanence
    • Seriousness
    • Particularity
    • Utility
    • Transparency
    • Objectivity

    Depending on the above principles, we undertake to serve you.