Privacy is the basic principle, no transaction is possible to be made without the password information taken form the authorized persons.

    In line with the request, violation of entrance and departure times will be informed via SMS or phone call.

    The information on in which time zone the alarm goes on and off will be submitted in a report.

    Magus Alarm Systems keep under record the conversations with the customers and the law enforcers.

    The subscribers are called to be reminded of for the systems which are not set up for a long period of time.

    Upon customer request, the system can be activated or deactivated through remote access.

    In case of demand, hold-up and usurpation attempts can be directly forwarded to the law enforcers through a panic button sold as part of the alarm system.

    Yangın Gaz Alarm
    Soygun Alarmı

    Panik Alarmı
    Tıbbi Alarm
    7/24 Çağrı Merkezi