PDKS System ensures that the entrance-departure hours of the staff are digitally recorded and various reports regarding the principal timekeeping and attendance control for the payroll are prepared. Therefore, it is a system aiming at minimizing man-made errors while drawing up the payrolls.

    Moreover, these reports help making healthier future decisions lighting the way for the top management of companies.

    The solutions gathered under the title of personnel control systems are formed with the software and hardware elements working in combination. Though personnel control as a general concept reminds of timekeeping systems that calculate personnel working hours, Access control systems, dining hall automation systems, visitor monitoring systems should also be regarded as the subcategories of the concept of personnel control.

    PDKS systems are used to facilitate the personnel management process of human resources. Dining hall systems are used to keep costs under control whereas Access control systems are preferred with the purpose of increasing the workplace security.

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