Quickly increasing in recent years, the Housing Estates, Plazas, Residences and Satellite Cities provides for the crowd and community living there with a High Living Quality and Standard offering modern and new-fashioned living spaces.

    This "Modern and New-Fashioned Life Style" offered by those facilities is a complement of Services which have revolutionized our concept of houses-flats which we used to live in. Unless these said services cannot be fulfilled with correct Management Activities, no matter how modern or new-fashioned that living space is, it is impossible to speak of a High-Quality and Living Standard there.

    Needs and expectations of such a crowded population are not possible to meet through a traditional "Apartment Building Management" system which is elected and change every year.

    It is the complete execution of the activities of planning, organization, coordination, direction and auditing, rationally drawing the resources at hand (human, information, money, machinery, etc.) to realize the objectives and services specified in the facility project.

    While executing Administrative Operations, the Management focuses on "Quality Management", "Customer Satisfaction" and "Continuous Development".

    Plaza, Shopping Mall, Housing Estate
    Financial Management
    Real Estate Management
    Legal Management
    Purchasing Management
    Electrical and Electronic Maintenance
    Reception Services